Capella Results – Justin Lombardo

My name is Justin Lombardo. I am the Chief Learning Officer for a major academic medical center in the Midwest. My responsibility is the continuing education for the staff of the medical center. I would say there is probably three hallmarks that define superbly based higher education, and I think they are around rigor, they are around innovation and they are around care. And what I see in the programs of this University of Capella is clearly the rigor is there.

The second thing is the notion of innovation in education, and that is one that is typically been overlooked, the nature of innovation is around how do we innovate for the learners, how do we make a community of learners learn effectively, efficiently, holistically.

The innovation needs to be around the platforms of education, around the nature of networking in education. And again, I look at what this University does or what Capella does and the innovation goes hand-in-hand with the rigor of the discipline. That is unusual, that almost never happens in brick-and-mortar universities.

The third piece, it is notion of care, and this is something where a university like Capella could fall down, because when you have a broad network of global students and so many of them, the notion of caring for the student can easily get lost. But I see with what Capella does that nature of care being there, the nature of the faculty attentiveness to the student, the nature of the advising of the student, helping them select programs, working with them. It is about creating the system around you, the supports that are going to allow you to achieve what you need to achieve and that is caring for the student. That is no mean feat for a global virtual university to achieve, and I think that is one of the hallmarks of what you do exceptionally well.

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