Your Path to Success

Michael J. Offerman, EdD, President Emeritus

I think that the revolutionary thing here is that what we are about is to provide those people who are adults, who want to find the best university to fit what they want to accomplish with enough information that they can do that in an intelligent way.

So that what we are creating here is continuous quality improvement cycles by stating what we are going to do, measuring it, making sure we are delivering what we said, and then following through with people that have completed the program, completed their degree, and saying, now did it really do what we said it would? That is leading us to constant opportunities to get better and better and better.

We are going to make every effort to make sure that what we are assessing are the competencies that have been identified as required for you to succeed and ultimately those outcomes that you can use to tell employers, this is what I learned at Capella University, this is what I can show you that I can do because of having finished this program.

I am excited about this work, because my entire career has been in higher education for adults. One reason I came to Capella University is because I worked at a lot of other universities that, their first order of business was really running a real estate operation at campus. I love to think about the teaching and the learning that occurs and I understand the adults, I understand part-time students, I understand the pressures that are there, I was a part-time adult student through out my entire graduate work. What I see here at Capella and what we are doing with learning and career outcomes is absolutely the right thing to do for those adults who are looking to improve their life and improve their career.

I not only think this is the better way to do it, but it is the way all of education is going to have to go.