GuidedPath: structured for your success

With an already full schedule, you need a flexible way to earn your degree. You’ll get it with our GuidedPath learning format. You’ll also get the structure you need to keep you on track.

How does GuidedPath work?

Follow structured deadlines

When and where you learn is up to you, but weekly assessment deadlines will ensure that you review materials, understand a topic, and develop consistent study habits. Our academic coaches are available to help keep you on track toward graduation, too.

Participate in weekly discussions

You’ll never feel like you’re learning alone. Each week, you’ll chat with other students in your courses through message-board discussions. Ask questions, seek clarification, gain different perspectives, and broaden your own views. Faculty will be available to help guide the discussions. 

Apply what you learn to the real world

Every assignment has a purpose. You’ll gain skills and knowledge that many employers look for. Examples include building strategic operating plans and analyzing financial documents for business students, or developing change strategies for improving the care environment for nursing students. Plus, you’ll be able to apply what you’re learning to your day-to-day career.

Challenge yourself with the Undergrad Honors Pathway—an opportunity to sharpen your skills, gain professional experience, and demonstrate academic excellence. Learn more and review eligibility requirements today.

Learn on your schedule

Full-time student or part-time student? You have the flexibility to choose depending on your schedule and budget. Take two to three courses as a full-time student, or one course as a part-time student—the more classes you take, the faster you’ll finish. Plus, there’s no daily login requirement, which means you decide when to study.

*Alumni Outcomes Survey, 2021-2022

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Choose your program

All of our programs are available in the GuidedPath Format. Find a program that fits your career goals.

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Quintella Bounds

A Capella degree allowed Quintella to teach at the highest level.

Lisa Greenlund

Lisa’s BS in Business Administration helped her land a job as a manager of patient safety reporting.

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